Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will the toothfairy still come if you swallowed the tooth?

Yup, the longest "hangin' on by a thread" tooth finally came out last night sometime. We aren't sure if it is in the belly of the seven year old or if perhaps it is hiding out somewhere inside his bed quilts. We have had everyone under the sun offer to yank it out for him for the last three weeks. He thought about it long and hard and let a few people try. It just wasn't ready yet.

The toothfairy will be making her entrance tonight after the wee ones are asleep. Brian is praying for a big pay-off, however I told him of the toothfairy's price list.

1. $5.00 for the first tooth as those are super special and needed to grind down into a fine powder which is used like fairy dust, how else would she fly? He raised his eyebrows and I swear I was almost busted.

2. The second while still valuble at about $2.00, it just doesn't supply enough power needed to fly all over the world collecting lost teeth.

3. Finally the third and beyond teeth are only worth a buck. He wasn't impressed.

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  1. Tell him Spike says that's a 400% increase in pay-off rates since we were kids, and there wasn't a 'sliding pay scale' then either. And if he DID swallow it, does the Tooth Fairy pay less if she has to clean off the poop?

    The photo is wonderful He is SO HANDSOME!


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