Friday, February 17, 2012


Vintage home and garden fabric from 1979

Inspiration to create something, anything has been coming in spurts.  I realize now that you must take it while you can.  This is my last weekend of work for a month, as my bosses are taking a vacation, so I've been slowly getting my WIPS organized and hoping that some of that inspiration comes when I have time to actually play. 

new sham style covers for the couch. 

 This couch is almost 8 years old and definitely showing it's age.  It has been well worn, loved and jumped on, but  I couldn't stand the stains on the cushions anymore. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for a new couch, and I can't stand the ready made slipcovers  that are guaranteed to fit ( yeah right) I whipped these up out of the fabric I had on hand.  The bluebird fabric came from curtains that hung in the window of the house my parents bought.  The selvedge said 1979 and they probably hung in the window that long.  I do plan on redoing the middle cushion as I'm finding not having all three match distracting.


This rug is my current obsession Using different mediums , fabric and rope and seeing how they blend together.     Up until now i  have only used the toothbrush technique in making my rugs.  I found a video tutorial on how to crochet  them in half the time it takes me.  I had no idea how to crochet but have wanted to learn for a while now.  My sister recommended the book Simple Crochet by Erica Knight and I have been poring trough it practicing my stitches.  All the fabric is crocheted, and the roping is crocheted and then weaved in toothbrush style.  I'm happy with the results, especially after pulling the rope out and doing it again a few times as the tension was all wrong. This one may be another biggie 5' or 6' feet round. Slow and steady . :)

Take care,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whew, Still trying to get back.

2 inch  rainbow squares Crib quilt machine stiched and quilted with a crosshatch.

Toothbrush (weave) Basket

Whirlygig Doll blanket in Bright pink.
Machine stitched and hand tied.

Whirlygig Doll Quiilt
Machine stiched and hand tied with Chenille backing

Vintage strawberry shortcake custom curtains for the girl's room.

Custom panel shorts made from old jeans and canvas ticking for the boy.

Custom shorts made from twill pants  for the boy.
Take care,
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