Friday, October 23, 2009

Potty training has officially ended in my house.

I'm frustrated. I'm done.  I don't like feeling the way I do about this whole issue.   I don't care what anyone says or suggests anymore. Period.

I've been training her for me and everyone else rather than for her.   It is a battle for control that my daughter will win every time until she chooses to do so on her own, just like it was with my son.  I advocate choice so it should apply here as well, it's her body and she will decide when it is right.  Some days she feels like it and some days she doesn't.  She will eventually use the potty as all children do. I didn't meet any kids in high school in a diaper, did you?

I will not smack her butt. I will not yell at her.  I  will not make her clean up her own mess. I will not put her to bed with no dinner.   I will not tell her she's naughty and I will not make her sit in the mess and be uncomfortable.  I will not discuss it anymore, with her or anyone else. Period.

  What I am going to do is go on life as usual.  we will continue to buy princess pull ups.   We will read books about it and dance around like princesses in our princess outfits ( that I will promptly return to her closet). I will offer treats just because rather than using it as bribery.  I will continue to deal with poop and pee with a smile on  face even if I'm screaming  OH MY GOSH ENOUGH ALREADY! on the inside.  I love my girl and this is who she is right now.   If any one asks how she is doing my response will be " She's great"

So rock on "Princess Kaiya Mae Poopypants". 
Rock on with your poopy self.

Love mama.

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  1. Sweetheart, I think you have come to the most rational response you can at this time. It will happen when she's ready. I commend you on your sanity.


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