Saturday, January 1, 2011


 I have no real reason for neglecting my blog lately.  I'm not going to make excuses and say I was too busy.  I was but could have taken a few minutes to update and show off some pictures.  My lists of to dos just kept getting longer and longer and I was overwhelmed.  My fight or flight response was flight...  oh well, I'm here now and have some finishes.

 I was hoping to join in the fun at i'm a ginger monkey in the "scrap vomit" quilt a long, but the perfectionist in me couldn't wrap my brain about using so many different colors of 2.5 inch squares that may or may not look good together.  I couldn't take so much time working on a quilt only to hate it in the end.  I did still , and still am, using the scraps but in a way that I can deal with the chaos, yet still have some control.  both of the above quilts are quilted and tied.

 I also utilized my scraps in making quilted journal covers for Christmas gifts this year.

 I recently got Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts: and  have most of the supplies listed in this book for various projects, but I really enjoyed the chapter on patchwork quilts.   I especially like the tied quilts as it reminds me of my childhood.  Growing up we had many blankets, some quilts,  and afghans that were made by my dad's mother.  It still amazes me especially now that I'm making them myself, that she did it blind.   I can't imagine how she was able to manuever though and complete some of the smallest details, but she did.  I never paid attention to those things when I was a kid or when she was still alive, I think I could have learned alot from her had it not been for my snotty disposition and my teenage angst.

 We still have few of those blankets, my son has one on his bed and has loved it an and cuddled it and picked at some of the tufts, so I was happy to have a very detailed diagram thanks to Miss Martha, on how to execute  the  perfect  French knot.  In doing so I realized how much I too loved those tied blankets and picked at those same tufts as a kid while I read  in that big  overstuffed chair at the old farm.  I decided to follow the pattern for the basic patchwork quilt on page 66, but using all of those 2.5 inch squares I had cut.  I first arranged them in a basic nine patch and then sewed them together and just kept going.  I have been following my " Use what you got rule"  and have come up with some great variations, forcing myself to think outside of the box.

 More finishes that were gifted:


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