Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost & Found.

My pep; it's just not there. I have been working, but not with nearly as much enthusiasm as I had before. Meh.

I finally decided to repair a quilt that was made for me in high school that had some damage. Thanks Luvela. It was very lovingly used and abused, but I have been afraid to hand quilt it because of the nagging perfectionist on my shoulder that rears its ugly head every so often. My original thought was to leave it as is and cover it with a new front and back and tying it for a quick remedy, but as I sat with it thinking on what to do, Kaiya asked if I was going to fix it for her. It's pink after all and everyone in this house knows if it's pink, it's hers. Period.

So after fretting and worrying a few days about how my stitches would look, especially a hundred years from now when the bitty's are counting my stitches; I just took the plunge and said screw it. I'm giving it a second life to be loved and used. Then and there I started my first journey into the land of hand stitching.

I'm hooked. I adore sitting with the kids with hoop and needle in hand, on the couch, at the doctor's office or while they run around on the playground rounding up imaginary criminals. I like the look of my stitches, even though they are far from perfect. I liked it so much that after Kaiya's quilt was restitched and had a new binding on it, I grabbed a quilt sandwich from my closet that has been waiting 6 months + to be quilted and plotted out a quilting stencil, jumping right in my stitches are becoming more uniform and a little bit tighter. I may actually be able to call myself a quilter and get up the nerve to enter something in the quilt show next year. We’ll see.

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