Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello world.

My outlook is a little better now that I have minimal pain in my leg. Yeah!! It's been so long having it, I was unsure if I'd ever feel normal again. I will have to get cracking with the Wii fit and bike riding as I have acquired some very unwanted pounds since my injury. B may be taking the kids to Scott's pool again today , while I immerse myself in html code and the website and shopping.

I am excitedly preparing for Lil'b's return to to school on Tuesday, which means I must brave shoobie traffic to get lunch items for packed lunches. He of course wants us to let him buy school lunch at $2.75 a day. Nope, no way, not happening. We came to a compromise and will go over the lunch menu and he can decide which four days he'd like to buy school lunch and a few days he' like to buy ice cream. I tried really hard last year to make sure that he had healthy lunches and snacks, but it was all in vain. Why you ask? Well, it seems I'm not a "cool" mom. You know the ones that bring in Dunkin Doughnut 's doughnut holes, potato chips and chocolate milk all the time, for all the kids to have at snack time. This year I plan on baking ALOT of muffins to send in. Muffins with fruit, berries and zucchini. Oh my. Nothing but healthy " chock full of goodness" muffins that my kids eat all the time and see if we tempt these children away from the crap that the "cool" moms bring them. That is my evil plan for this year. Second grade here we come. Bwahahahah.


  1. Its so great to catch up on you on this blog. I love your evil plan. Krista can't do that as it all has to be store bought with ingredient labels. Glad you are having less pain. By Thursday, the other pain should start to lessen, hahaha, you know who I mean. Miss Kaiya is coming into her own and it might be nice to help mold her with one on one, no brother attention.
    Love you.

  2. Wait until you see my new magic wand! It is blue and makes noise and flashs! It is wonderful. I will take a picture soon. Kermit and Pfiona hate it.


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