Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School.

On Tuesday, I awoke about 6:30 to rouse Brian who immediately yelled he was sleeping in until 7:00am. Brody and I met on the couch with our coffee and calmly waited for the bear. He came out into the living room scratching and yawning asking for tv. I immediately reminded him that the lazy tv,video game, Mohawk days of summer were over and that I would help him get everything together for his first day. He has a new "professional" haircut,new "make you jump higher" sneakers , new shorts shirt he looked like a totally different kid. He didn't act like a different kid though. :)   We walked to the bus stop and waited with our friends for the bus, and then miss k and I drove to the school for the first day celebration.  Brian LOVES his teacher and  had a great  first day.   All is well in the world and in my house and heart.. 

Thanks for reading.
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