Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Please excuse my absence

Life has been busy and productive between the garden , hanging out with friends , revamping  wardrobes for the kids and myself, my work out schedule, and just enjoying each others company that i haven't been around.  We are leaving for the Good Trade Farm  for more fishing fun, gardening,  good conversation and some much needed recharging with the folks.   I'll be back next week and post pictures.

Kaiya unfortuanately found out the hardway that we can't play with rubber bands.  thank goodness she had her glasses on and things turned out alright!

  In the meantime we are off to get the "one that got away" and put up a good fight!

Take care,


  1. Ouch, glad she's ok

  2. Yeah, our whole family's been absent from our blogs. Weird, huh. I haven't been on mine scence March. Mom hasen't been on scence April. And Sammy... December. I ended up making a new blog 2 days ago, http://fuyuakiworld.blogspot.com/
    Please follow for daily posts about my life.

    From Fuyu (your nephew, for reasons you can easily understand, I don't use my real name online)


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