Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Trade Farm Friday- Outhouse.

The out house has been in the same spot , near the bass pond, for a while now.  

 The folks decided that it was time for it to move to a new location further up the hill.

This is the rigging to transport it .  Dad's face has been cropped out as he isn't keen on photos.

Movin' on up.  Dad had already done all the prep and dug a new hole near the "Catfish Caboose".

They decided to move it up  in a center location on the property making it easier , especially for  the grandkids. Lil' miss would never make it down the hill to get to the house.  I can officially tell my kids it's okay to *^it in the woods.

This beauty is going to get a fresh coat of paint and  by summer will have new plant and flower growth all around it I'm sure.  I bet you want one!

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  1. Kinda reminds one of the TARDIS except it really isn't bigger on the inside. And, by the way, the pipe up the side is a vent pipe, so the outhouse really doesn't stink inside.


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