Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Don't set sail on someone else's star”.

Or so it is said in an African proverb.  When reading this quote I had an a-ha moment. I'm sure you've had one of your own at some point during your journey. This is precisely what I have been doing for a long time now. 

I have recently started to reevaluate my life and the things that are important to me.  I am closer to 40 than I ever thought I would be.  You see my mother always said  I  was lucky to live past 16 because I  was such a smart ass.  I still am by the by and am fine with that thankyouverymuch!

 Many of the things that I  thought were  important over the years have slowy faded away and become clutter.  Lots of clutter.  Clutter in my computer, my closets, my head, my relationships and  really in every aspect of my life and home and I have been facing it all head on.  I have collected  so many different things in my crafting quest, and life in general, if i were to be honest;  I lost sight of the things that were important.   My family, my children , myself...

I have been trying to make myself step out of my comfort zones and try new things and in doing so I have found so many things that I actually enjoy doing such as quilting vs. garmet sewing, hand sewing vs. machine sewing and even embroidery.   None of these things were ever a point of interest before.  During these moments of quiet stitching I have started to listen to myself and to my surroundings.  I'm not perfect and I will never be the perfect person , mother, crafter, blogger... insert any other appropriate title here, and that's okay.  Just doing it  and living my life day by day with laughter and love  is enough.

Trying to figure out a design for the star, finally decided to use a variation of 3  different patterns and adding my own twist.  ( Old table finally gone!!!!)

This table, as crazy as it seems has really changed the flow of our house and I am in love.  It was a garage sale purchase this past week and made me really pair down my "craft" excess in this room.  No more clutter.  No more folding chairs.  No more fighing for space No more trying to "make it work.   Real family dinners and gatherings at the table have been lovely.  Kaiya calls the arm chairs the "king and queen thrones" and only grown ups can sit in them.  It's good to be queen. 


These stars a part of my first ever "quilt as you go" with a hand quilting extravaganza!
 lots more of embellishment and more quiet and reflective moments with my kids as they too try their hands at sewing and embroidery

The clutter is starting to disappear.  The bluebird of happiness has come to roost here once again  and I'm looking towards my own star these days.

Take care,


  1. This was a terrific post. I love the before and after the new table shots. You place and your stars are lovely.

  2. The stars look great. Great work! We look forward to seeing and reading more from you.


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