Monday, March 1, 2010

Current Scrap projects.

Anita over at has been using her scraps for some really spectacular quilts that she plans on gifting to some friends.  I was so inspired by her creativity and the use of scraps that I decided to follow suit.  We are planning on moving as soon as our lease is up at the end of April so I have been sorting, ironing, folding and packing all my fabric except for the scraps.  Those have all been put aside and sorted into color groups. I have one bin filled with quilting scraps and another filled with 2 inch strips to be used for some toothbrush rugs.   Have a look-see.

This is a picture of a finished quilt top measuring 88" x 52".  I'm in the process of piecing a back from the rest of the Alexander Henry scraps until the are gone.  I have a few blocks that didn't make it into the top so I am  incorporating them into the  and hopefull will be quilting it and the coin quilt soon. 

This is the start of  a Scrappy  string star quilt.  I am still unsure of the direction I plan on going in or how big it will be  , so for now I'm just piecing by color.    Off to  do some more, banking and Princess games with my qirl.   What are you doing today?  Thanks for taking alook. 

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