Thursday, February 18, 2010

Storm's a comin'


Miss Kaiya Mae and I walked the beach yesterday after dropping off our Ebay packages at the post office  and came acroos a sight we had never before seen.  There were dead crabs all along the shore line.  The seagulls that were soaking up the sun had no interest in them as there were so many the likely got their fill before we happened upon them.  It seemed like they went on as far as our eyes could see. needless to say kaiya was less than thrilled and commented repeatedly how "dross" ( gross in toddlerese) they were and how she didn't " like those "trappies' ( crabbys ). 

We have started to pack and sort through things again as we were told that Brian is going to be casted and have surgery within the year for his Perthes.  His right side will be first ,as it has collapsed, and the left has yet to break down so it's still too soon to say. We are definately moving, but are unsure if we will stay on the island.  We've seen a few houses with full basements and backyards that are within our price range, so... How cool would it be to have a house party and let the kids go crazy and scream like wild banshees  they are while I am comfortably sewing a quiet basement?   So the next few months will be a whirlwind.  For now, I'm enjoying my chai and getting seriousagain about sorting through  my fabric stash. they are all so pretty i wish I could keep them all.

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  1. Wow, interesting photos. Love you lots. (mom)


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