Monday, February 22, 2010


 Yesterday was a rough day. Lil' miss decided that she wanted salsa at 7:30 am and brought the jar into our bedroom with salsa cover slippery hands and accidently dropped it. She didn't mean to do it she just wanted a snack or so she said. The look of horror on her face was immediate. The look of horror and then anger on our faces sent her screaming down the hallway; slamming her door with her body and then slumping to the floor with a thud. A salsa bomb was delivered swiftly and effectively as it went EVERYWHERE. In the midst of our angry stomping during clean up we noticed a trail of salsa down the hallway leading straight to Kaiya's door. Upon opening the door and telling her we were coming in, she ran and took cover in her bed. Her dress and hair were casualties of the salsa bomb as were her sheets, quilt and toothbrush rug.


We went ahead and got everything bundled up to immediately put everything in the wash , got her showered and changed telling her in the sweetest voices we could muster ' it's okay honey we all have accidents. We know you're a big girl and sometimes even big girls need help too". Brody and I were both still furious he being much more vocal than I.

Meh... we got breakfast together and everyone dressed and discussed the events of the day.
I checked all my email entered a blog giveaway and replied to a post on my local freecycle group about fabric and craft supplies that were being put in the alley behind a house. We decided that we would stop by this  house before we went on to do the weekly grocery shopping and errands. There was nothing left except some vases and platters by the time we had gotten there as it is first come first serve in most cases, and we were on our way. Brody did score a modem though.

Shopping with my family is always an adventure, good or bad, we eventually get through it, usually leaving Brody and I exhausted. This day was no exception. Things went downhill quick. The store was mobbed leaving Brian little room to maneuver his wheelchair through the crowd without smacking my shins or sweeping the legs of a little girl nearby. He loves to help me shop now as we give him an item off the list and he races off to find said item and race back. He's gotten very good with the chair, not so much with people around his chair. He's seven and tends to forget that there is a great big world filled with people all around him so a few people got their shins hit as well. Thank goodness that  most of them gave sympathetic nods when he apologized, but some people were mad and we had to nix the racing. Brian was upset and started to get mad and curse his "stupid legs and damn chair". I shot him a look that said “um...excuse me"  and gave him a hug telling him things will work out. It's tough for him, and I feel so bad for him at times.

Kaiya decided that she no longer wanted to walk but refused to get into the cart so she hopped a ride on the back of Brian's chair with her feet resting on the stabilizer bars. Brian was fine with it and soon forgot that he wasn’t helping and they made a game out of it. It was nice to see them getting along after a morning of bickering and annoying each other just because they could.  People were enjoying the spectical my children were making of themselves, so all was right with the world at that moment. We finished up and ran the rest of our errands and needed to get them home for lunch and quiet time.  The car ride home was a nightmare.

By the time we got home were all once again cranky and annoyed with each other and just all needed our own space. We had forgotten how wrecked the house was and that there was still so much clean up from the morning salsa bomb , laundry to fold, computers to fix and fabric clean up from my folding and packing project, making all the beds up again and just general clean up that we jumped into gear as soon as we got home. The kids were fed, kissed and sent on their way to quiet time. Brody and I having been together for so long and professionally worked together in the past , that we work very well together when the kids aren't underfoot. In about an hour we had gotten most of it done, save the laundry, which honestly was going to be a two day project. We both took a break and a breath deciding to relax a bit. He immediately went to play a game and I went to check my email and goof a bit on the computer.

It seems that the woman on freecycle still had the fabric and craft supplies; but that the original person didn’t come to pick them up and did I want them? I grabbed my keys kissed Brody goodbye and went off to collect these goodies. I'm so glad I did.

Included in all of this is a sewing machine and all the accesories . This will go to  Brian ( if I can get it working)  as he is desperate to learn to sew. A  box of 30 plus floral ribbon with and equally big box filled with little silk flowers, Beads and hemp rope and instructions for macrame and lover's knot bracelets, all this fabric, spool and bobbin holders and some craft books, and sheets which were immediately cut into strips for toothbrush rugs and a lot more that I couldn't even list.  If you don't freecycle in your community I highly encourage it.  I have helped a few people and have been helped out many times including a nebulizer for the kids that my insurance company wouldn't cover and it is all free- recycling, reusing, reducing.  Thank you Susan  that which  I can't use will in turn be freecycled.   Off to play....

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  1. Well, aunt Kendra, I'm glad that I don't have to clean up the hose all day!
    That thing Brian and Kiya did yesterday (Kiya sat on the back of the wheelchair) reminds me of just an hour ago when I sat on the back of Sammy's chair.
    Tell Brian that I also am learning to sew. I've already got my own misheine. I think it's a great thing for me to learn. It adds to my carrer (creativest, examples of what I do: Wright books, paint, make music, sew, act, ext.). Plus it's a good thing for a future-stay-at-home-dad to learn.


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