Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What we've been up to.

 If you remember a few posts back, this was the quilt I was making progress on.  The main line of fabric is Snippets for American Jane.  My local quilt shop was having a sale and had these 2x6 scraps already precut and were selling them along with other prints in scrap bags. I snatched most of them up and decided to do a  Stacked  coin quilt of my own creation. I added many of my 30's reproduction fabric in the same color scheme to break it up a bit. 

This is the pieced back it still needs the final edge attached .

 This is the edge and the binding. I still have to make my sandwich and quilt it.

 I decided to put this on the back burner for the time being as we have loads of doctor visits coming up for both kids and the follow up visit concering Brian's Perthes.  We will be going in the next couple of days to get  a bunch of x-rays (which are cool)  and blood work (which is not cool) so we can take the films and labs to his doctor.  We plan on talking to her about letting Brian use crutches while at home instead of the wheelchair as it has been a real struggle keeping him in it with out a lot of tears, his and mine.  Hopefully we will be closer to figuring out where we go from here. 

This is one of the potholder ideas I had for the Potholder Pass Swap.  I have a few more ideas and have been practicing my paper piecing  skills in the process.  It's definately been a challenge for me as I am working with color schemes I'm not used to and are very different than what I think I'm good at.  My sister Krista is much more adventurous with bold colors than I am.   I do  hope my  swap buddy likes them . 

This is the latest toothbrush rug I've been  working on to sell. I have a grocery sack of precut 2 inch strips and it will be finished when the bag is empty.  Thankfully it isn't something fine detail eyes are needed to make.   I have been having a hard time lately with sewing and quilting since my 20/20 vision took a leave of absence, I've benn dealing with it but find that most of my work  and reading has been done in a constant blur. I went and got glasses yesterday and will get thim in about a week.  I picked a style that isn't normally "me" and I think the family's going to need some time to get used to them.. :)

Here's a little bit of E-Bay love with more  from the Snippets line I will eventually make a quilt for myself with these fabrics.

Miss Kaiya and I decided to go and get our haircut.

She did such a good job sitting still.

Finally you can see her eyes!

 I got my normal shag flip bob combo.

Excuse the dirty mirror.
Today after Brian gets home we are hoping to do some block carving to make our own stamps. I made mention of Valentines, he made mention of zombies so clearly we are each going to go our own way which is in the opposite direction of each other! 
Life's good right now.I hope yours is as well.

Take care,


  1. Oh, my goodness! Great haircuts, Ladies! Kendra, I LOVE your new do and finally your lovely neck shows!!!!

  2. jMom: I wrote the comment above but somehow it was attributed to Spike. He did, however, agree about the haircuts. And he thinks the face shot looks good of you.

  3. Love the potholder and quilt. I can't wait to see how the quilt to be turns out.

  4. Hi Kendra, just popping over from the Potholder Pass, love your potholder you are working on and all your other projects. I am following you, please come and have a look at mine!


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