Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never drop your I phone into the toilet and other useful tips.

Yes, you did read the title correctly. Yes, I did in fact drop my new I phone right into the toilet. Yes, I feel dumb. Well, it wasn't entirely my fault, really. Brody's arm may have bumped it while turning on the bathroom light and I was messing with the glow stick feature. Either way it flew out of my hands and my world instantly went into slow motion just like you see in the movies. It was surreal. I snagged it out as fast as I could, 2 or 3 seconds tops and watched the screen fizzle out and then go black. I had only had it for 4 days, and then it was gone. The worst part was we had just come home from date night while my cousins watched the kids for us so we could get some much needed adult time together. It was perfect. We also used Christmas gift certificate to go eat at a well loved, can never afford normally, restaurant. A great night out and a few good laughs with the cousins came to a screeching halt at the bottom of my toilet.  UGH.

Oh well...it's just stuff right? Um...

I did some research and found that this is a quite common occurrence with I Phones and cell phones in general. I must say I enjoyed the ratings and visual descriptions Amy had on her blog. I had a few good laugh  rather than tears and uncontrollable tantrums that were surely coming.  Thanks for the comic relief it was definately needed.  I shook out as much water as I could, vacuumed out all the ports and popped it in a bag of rice while I tried to go on with my weekend. I convinced a clerk at a local sundries store to let me rifle though make up bags to collect (read: hoard) silica packets. As a parent, I always cursed manufacturers who put those in their packages; I have since realized that I may have been a bit irrational considering all that has happened. Bring on the silica!!!

Wool Hooooo!!!!!!I can happily report that the phone works  still with some quirks and there is no visible damage and I thankfully got off lucky ... this time.  i will be returning it a few more days to the rice bag just to be safe.  It could have been worse; it could have turned out like one guy telling the story of how he dropped his into a blue sani water Porto-potty. He eventually got his working as well, complete with a visible blue water tint under the screen and smells like poop every time he makes a call. We are still in the trenches of potty training here and I have all the poop one person can deal with thankyouverymuch!

 So I will continue to dry this phone out and report back to you all I've learned through this experience.  Who knows maybe it will be you one night frantically searching the internet on this very topic.  Or not.

 Have a great day.

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  1. You know, craft stores sell silica gel in large quantities. And when the phone is dried out you can dry beautiful flowers for the future. jwp


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