Thursday, December 31, 2009

Popcicles for breakfast.

Yes, you guessed it. The kids are sick little sickies. They have both had popsicles, ginger ale and chicken noodle soup for breakfast for the past few meals.  It's the only way to ensure the kids are getting enough fluid. I really have to keep a close eye on Kaiya as she is the type to refuse all food and drink when sick. Brian never seems to lose his appetite. :)

Brian has a right ear infection, minor wheezing and some congestion but is older and able to get much of it out and maintain a normal day. Hot, hot showers have become his new thing. Between an antibiotic and regular nebs he should bounce back rather quickly. Kaiya on the other hand was walloped, and how. She has two pretty severe ear infections, start of bronchitis and has been put on antibiotics and some prednisone for the congestion. Poor little thing was/is miserable. If you asked her at anytime how she was, she would respond with "not well". Of course it was an adorable stuffy nose kind of way with a British ”Lola" ( from Disney's Charlie and Lola) like accent which of course made you feel even worse for her. She never complained of pain though. She has been taking her "puke bucket" everywhere she goes in the house. She makes sure to set up her princess towel underneath.

When Pollyanna was here the other night, Kaiya used a saucepan to cough into. It was pretty comical and very dramatic. Sick or not both my kids are still cute and funny as hell; I guess that's why I haven't thrown them to the wolves yet!

I'm extremely happy that this all has happened while Brian is still on break.  It's been nice to try to stay a little longer in bed in the am tending to my own illness.  Both kids' sleep has suffered due to the incessant coughing and they've been trying to sleep in.  I now realize why my dad  insisted I learn self relaxation techniques when I had my coughing fits as a child. You feel bad for them and you want to just tell them to "STOP coughing".    I think how much easier my children & I have it then they did when I was a kid.  We have nebulizers now.   I didn't have one growing up.  I had vicks vapor rub slathered on my back and chest and a makeshift tent over my bed with a humidifier or big steaming pots of boiling water so I could breath in the steam.  I remember my mother hitting my back in a rhythm trying to break up all my congestion or I would sit at the table with my face over a steamy pot with a towel over my head.  My kids can't tolerate either. I also have come to realize why they threatened me with a kid like me.  Guess I was pretty bad.  The powers that be decided I needed to get smacked twice. So folks, this is for you:

It's only taken me 30 +  years to receive my comeuppance.  I anticipate a lot more in the coming years.

We have been rearranging the rooms again to get the best fit especially in Brian's with his wheelchair.  Sick or not, we have to switch some pieces of furniture between the kids rooms. The gold piece my folks made/repurposed/refinished/ for me is coming out into craft/dining area.   I work and play better with organization. I wish I could afford a professional organizer to come in and  take over my space and magically make it fit our lifestyle while I sit , smile and look pretty sipping tea.  ah....

I have lost my new found creative zest due to  widespread germs.  I decided to pour through some  of my craft books for inspiration and try and get it back.  I found Quilting with Strips and Strings by Helen Whitson Rose and have been following Anita's  progress with her scrap quilts and think I may just follow suit.  I have so many lovely scraps from so many different people in my past, that I think I need to reflect, remember and enjoy them as I sew them together into a quilt for myself.   I think I will add some of the 30's reproduction fabrics into it as well. They just make me smile.  I  have a quilt top circa 1950 with 30's fabrics that my mother sent that was hand pieced by the woman who previously owned their house, that needs some attention.  I have a couple birthday gifts and babyshower gift to make too, so I'm just going to take it easy a bit and find my groove again.

 Goodbye 2009.  Hello New possibilities.

Take care,

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  1. What a wonderful posting, especially after having just spoken to you and gotten the 'skinny' on what's happening in your little corner of the world. The taking medicine time this AM brought back SOOOOO many memories. Your wheezing and barking a sea lion! and your sister's bloody noses and then fainting at the sight of her own blood. She did more damage to herself falling down in the faint than the bloody nose most times. . Poor little rugrats. I love the apology sign...should have had one of those to show to Audrey.....and You know we never wished you to have a kid with sickness like yours, which I know you were NOT referring to,but that attitude and smart mouth ....maybe yeah. Also, its about being the caregiver of your own children which is a thankless task at best and the worst especially when you are ALL sick. And Thank you medical advances for what they can do for the kids now that you never had. You did have the steroids, etc. but getting rid of the fuel oil furnace cleared you up better than anything. How could we have known that it was the worst offender in your 'seasonal' allergy problems.
    Yeah, karma does have a way of bringing you up short sometimes.
    and dig the confirmation word this time. It is bactrin....sound germy.


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