Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brr....It's cold outside baby.

Here's a new movie blanket for the cold weather. The kids have been curling up under this happily especially in the morning before school.

I used a tapestry that my parents had given me awhile back and added a piece of repurposed Microfiber blanket from a yard sale. I did straight line quilting, keeping it simple. It measures 35"x70"and has an embroidered denim binding.

I 'm working on a Surfing blanket/quilt now for Brody. I have saved all surfing related clothing and fabric including board shorts, button downs, and some baby onsies from both children for the last seven years to add to this project. I figure it's about time to make him something, and most of the other blankets are all too short for him so his piggy toes stick out and are always freezing. :)

Take care.

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