Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today was about family.

Today we woke around 7 . After a little coffee and lounging in bed talking with the kids we all took our posts and got ready for our adventure to the Camden Aquarium.  The kids both landed on the couch watching Phineus & Pherb .Brody in the kitchen packing the cooler and tackling breakfast duty .  I was on clean clothes & clean kid  duty while laying down the rules for the day.   When everything was packed we headed out to the alley to play hopscotch and toss a football.  We knew the kids wouldn't make the car ride without driving us insane if they didn't get some 'scream your head off get your crazies out' time before picking up Nana and heading out.

The kids were great on the ride. they played games for a while and then we continued our journey through
Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Part 1.  
Cute book. 

We ate our lunch on the harbor before we went in and talked about the hippos. It was very exciting.  

These crabs were huge .  Japenese giant Spider Crabs

They really did a nice job on the renovations and new exhibits, It was really nice.   I must admit I gave a sigh of relief  though  when  the kids only wanted a crushed penny souvenir rather then something from the gift shop.  It was expensive.


It was great.


  1. Face to face with a Hippopotamus! What a great time you had together today. Thank you so much for posting this dear.

  2. Aren't the hippos awesome??? I think I spent a 1/2 hour there trying to get a good picture of the sharks : )


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