Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween and the like.

 Flu like symptoms finally got all of us.  I think all the rainy saturdays spent watching "peanut" football and all the halloween festivities got to us.  I have been running on empty trying to get everything together for the shower, for football and for Brian's parties plus all the parades just before and on Halloween. We had too may obligations. 

Sitting here the other day I realized that Halloween has become the new Christmas.  After years of feeling the pressure to perform around Christmas time, Brody and I realized we spent more time being worried or miserable to actually enjoy the holidays, especially with our families.  We decided to downsize.  We instituted
the " make it or Bake it rule", with a couple store bought  items for the kids; we also did family craft night everynight.  We let go of the expectiaons of others and our own unrealistitc expectaions of ourselves and just enjoyed the season and each other.

We still see families and friends and enjoy the parade, but somehow we were able to make it work.  I created a craft calendar for the kids and myself with a craft a -day that we followed and had fun still making sure that everyone got a gift made with love.

Chatterbox float in the Halloween Parade

Peanuts football players in the halloween parade.

It seems that Halloween has taken on the unhappy feelings and stress that Christmas used to for us.  Next year is going to be different.  Until then here are some photos of all of our Halloween fun.

Costume #1

Costume #2 and skeleton scary pants.

Broday trying to keep them from messing with each other.

 getting the loot.

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  1. Oh, Thank you! I loved this so much!!! the skeleton costume is fantastic!!! and the bee and the you so much.....


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