Friday, November 13, 2009

Did you wake up to this too?

This picture is facing  towards the south end of the island.    It flooded last night  as well, but this morning water was the highest since 1994, and was higher by a foot than last night's.   Being new to the south end, it was a little scary not knowing when the water would stop.  Last night I pulled the honda up into the yard and moved it out back after the water receded becase our house is the highest point  on the alley.  

Directly out front about 7:00

again towards the south end on the alley.

  so as you can see we  are our own private island today.  School was to be two hours delayed but it's been cancelled.  Brody too, is unable to go to work at least until the water receeds  A national guard truck just passed our house coming from Sea Isle so I imagine downtown got some serious flooding.  So for me and the kiddos it's crafts and sewing and snuggling under the movie blanket I finish the other day.   
We are all going to put on our boots after breakfast and walk around a bit  so have a great day, we are.

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