Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New quilt squares and twirly skirts.

 So I have been happily sewing and pinning and ironing fabric and new crisp quilt squares . Yes happily and ironing were both used in the same sentence.  :0   I finished up Brian's spiderweb quilt top and pieced back and have it pinned and waiting to be quilted.  I'm gonna let it sit  on the shelf ready to go while I  decide on a free motion pattern.  The more I keep thinking about it the more elaborate my designs get so I'm just going to go on to the next project.   I keep reminding myself to keep it simple silly.

My craft closet:

 I hit all the church rummage sales this weekend and have one more on Friday.  I have stocked up on all little girl t shirts, long and short sleeved, to attach to skirts bought and made.  Kaiya is still obsessed with dresses. They absolutely must twirl or they become unwearable heaps on the floor.   So I just decide to start sewing the shirts and skirts together to save money and time.  Most have turned out super cute and it has definitely cut down on the fashion crisises in my house.  Did I  tell you that Kaiya is only three and that most  fashion meltdowns happen before 8 am as we are walking half a block to the bus stop to drop off her older brother.  I need a crash course in Princess etiquette as well as her royal highness has let me know that my service is sub par.

I have been working on baby quilts and have almost one completed and another is in the planning phase as the sex of the little babe is still unknown and I'm not really excited about gender nuetral  quilts.   I am also dragging out the tote market Christmas crafts and going to start the craft a day calendar for the kids and myself  to start after this weekend. When it is organized and planned for we have a great time creating things at the table.   This years Christmas theme ( 2nd year running, thanks Ronna ) is "make it or bake it".  Brian is really excited as he learned embroidery this year after I read The Creative Family. He's gotten pretty good at it and it keeps his hands out of trouble!  Kaiya does it as well but I think she's happier stringing buttons and beads then making pictures with thread.  I must try and use up as much of my stash so that i can justify need to buy new and exciting fabric to start a new stash.  Brody doesn't get it or find it amusing but has admitted he likes to see me happily sewing and enjoying what I  sew or make while he can play video games during his much needed down time.  School and work are kicking his butt.

some kid love

So today I must finish piecing and basting the baby quilt, Potholders, switch Kaiya's closet from summer to winter clothing, finish picking out supplies for multiple twirly skirts for Kaiya and myself, hem 4 pairs of Brian's pants, make cream of broccoli soup, finish laundry , start craft a day calendar, KILL ALL THE FRUITFLIES, play go fish, read books dance around with a crazy 3 year old just like a crazy 3 year old, fill out insurance paperwork, pay some bills,  work on the website ... okay that's enough for now I better get busy!

Here's a sneak peak of my latest.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love your new squares. I'm envious of your talent, little sister :), but also motivated by all you are doing. Great work! Love you!


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