Saturday, October 3, 2009

New lunch bag.

This  is the new lunch bag  I made for Brian.  He is 7 and for some reason he has some major issues with any type of lunch box- bag- or sack.  We have had a stinky unidentifiable substance on two occasions come home that I was unable to get the stink out after washing his store bought lunch bag clean.  I decided to scour the web for a pattern and make my own .  I came across this tutorial and got to work. The hardest part was deciding which fabric to use so he wouldn't get teased or called a baby if I chose the "uncool for the moment" character fabric.  I decided less is more.   He loves it and after a few test runs and some exploded yogurt inside, it's better already.  Look mom no stink.     Thanks for reading. Kendra

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